Frequently Asked Questions

Scamppy is a multifaceted Social Networking community that offers most of the same features as the more popular Social Networks, and much more.

From Dating, Employment and Classifieds, Scamppy is a true Social Community Network.

Scamppy Point are Points awarded for a variety of actions on Scamppy. Daily Visits, Making friends, commenting on posts, and much more.  These points can be used to upgrade membership, buy items in the Scamppy Shop, Win Bling Badges on your profile and reach higher Rankings.

Ranks are a fun way to let others know you are active on Scamppy, while also providing cool rank titles and badges on your profile.

Interest groups are special area’s for people with similar interest. Kind of their own little Social Network devoted to their interests.

You can post on the Social Wall, invite friends, and have your own Group forum to post in.

You can post topics and get input from others.

The Events listings feature allows our members to see major events listings as well as to list their own events. If you would like to list your event please use the following Form:

Event Listing Request

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